💁🏻‍♀️ Starting out in UX

I know nothing about UX, where do I start?

I am not creative, can I still go into UX?

I want a job in UX. Should I take a bootcamp?

What software do I need to learn to be a UX designer?

What are some concrete examples of the kind of deliverables I am expected to produce as a UX designer?

💼 Job Search

Understanding Design Hiring Manager Perspectives — The Cake Analogy

How many projects do I need in my portfolio?

Job posting states X years. I have less, should I still apply?

Why you should create a "presentation" for a portfolio project

Why Experience in UX Design matters to employers

How to "stand out" for internships/entry level roles

How do I find freelance work in UX?

How can I improve my portfolio?

Getting unlucky when job hunting

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Interview Resources